Signature Cards

 DUE October 1, 2018

New signature card process improvements coming soon.

With the start of a new academic year, it is time to submit new replacement signature cards to enable those individuals in your college, department, college advising office, or interdisciplinary program/center who are authorized to approve the academic actions outlined in the Signature Card Instructions document.  Blank signature cards from the Office of the Registrar for your areas are provided via PDF. All forms being turned in at this time should be NEW signature cards for the 2018-19 academic year, replacing those submitted last year.  (If your college, department, office, or center/program has submitted new replacement signature cards to the Office of the Registrar any time during the last 60 days, we will not require you to submit these new replacement cards for the upcoming academic year.)
Signature cards will become effective as soon as they are received. Please have your college’s signature cards filled out, signed, and returned to the Office of the Registrar by October 1, 2018.  These signature cards are utilized by the Student Services (Records and Registration) and Degree Audit sections to process academic action requests submitted to our office.
Changes and Updates

You are still able to include all appropriate individuals in your office with the access/authority marked for each individual person on a single card.
  • If you need to include more than 8 individuals on your college signature cards, you may submit multiple pages.
As always you may submit updated signature cards throughout the year if access needs to be changed or granted for individuals. 
  • Beginning this year, you may designate if the access changes on a signature card will be an addition, removal, or both.
The ‘NF’ (Non-Funded Late Registration, Late Adds) action has been changed to ‘PC’ (Post-Census Registration, Late Adds).This is to accommodate a change in the name for the documentation submitted when approving this type of academic action.
 A new ‘DH’ (Department Head’s Designate) action has been added to allow a department head to assign a designee authorized to approve Registration requests (particularly Post-Census Registration requests), Scheduling, and any other documents/requests which require department head/director approval.

Please Note:
  • Deans/Department Heads signature at the bottom of the signature card will serve as both their signature example for the card and to authorize the individuals listed above.  Deans/Department Heads will automatically be authorized for all academic actions listed on the signature card through their signature at the bottom of the card.  The correct UIN must be provided in order to process any needed online access.
  • Fields to provide Signature Card Contact information have been added to all signature cards to allow colleges and departments to designate a single person in their area as a contact for our office regarding any problems or questions with the submitted signature card.
  • A signature card policies and instructions document has been included to provide guidance on how to complete the new signature cards.
  • Signature cards may be delivered via one of the following:
    • In person to the Office of the Registrar, Suite 1501 General Services Complex.
    • Via mail to: 
      Office of the Registrar Office of the Registrar
      P.O. Box 30018 MS 0100
      College Station, TX 77842-3018  
    • A scanned copy may be sent via email attachment to the Office of the Registrar (
    • Or fax it to 979-845-4757, ATTN: Office of the Registrar-Signature Card
Please submit signed forms by October 1, 2018.

For more information or questions, please contact Stephanie Matlock ( in the Office of the Registrar.