Registering for Courses on S/U Basis


For Spring 2020 only, undergraduate and graduate students may elect a S/U grade mode on a course-by-course basis. 

Deadline to finalize selection(s) is April 28, 2020. 

See Spring 2020 Grade Mode for more details.

Students may change the grading status (letter grade or S/U) for a currently enrolled class via web registration through the deadline to drop or add classes (5th class day for a fall or spring semester; 4th class day for a summer term). After the drop/add period, students may continue to change the grading status of KINE 198 or KINE 199 through the Q-drop deadline (60th class day of a fall or spring semester; 15th class day of a 5-week summer term). Grade type changes made after the drop/add period must be done using the Change KINE 198/199 Grade Type option in the Registration channel on the MyRecord tab in Howdy to make this type of change. The student must request the change in Howdy by 5:00 p.m. on the Q-drop deadline.


For information relative to Change of Grading Status guidelines, see Section 10.3 of the Texas A&M University Student Rules if the student is taking an undergraduate course S/U.

See section 10.4.1 and 10.4.2 of the Texas A&M University Student Rules if the student is a graduate student taking a course S/U.