Double Major Information

Undergraduate Double Majors

A student pursuing a double major must complete all university and college requirements. If both majors are in the same college, the student must complete all department/curricular requirements for each major. If one major is in one college and the other is in another college, the student must meet all requirements for each major. A list of courses required for completion of the second major must be approved by the advisor for that curriculum. (Texas A&M University Student Rule 14.3.3)

Each major offered at Texas A&M University has its own unique program requirements. To determine the specific program requirements a student will need to complete in order to earn a baccalaureate degree with two majors, please contact the academic departments or colleges which offer the majors.

Some degree programs may limit or not permit pursuit of double majors. Students may not pursue more than two majors concurrently in a single degree program. (From Texas A&M University Student Rule 14.3.2)

Please refer to Texas A&M University Student Rule 14.3 to view additional University general degree requirements for a student wishing to pursue two undergraduate majors at Texas A&M.

Undergraduate Double Major Request Form Information

The following fields on the Undergraduate Double Major Request Form should be filled out accordingly:

Form Field Field Content
Name Student's first and last name
Student ID Number Student's ID Number (preferably the 'T' number)
Primary Program Student's primary program code
Catalog Term Student's catalog term (The student should remain in the catalog under which they entered Texas A&M University unless permission is given from the dean or designee per Texas A&M University Student Rule 14.5)
Expected Graduation Term Term in which the student is expected to graduate
Degree Candidate Check the "Yes" box if the student plans to graduate in the current term. This allows the Degree Audit Office to verify the student's application for graduation has been received.
Secondary Major The four-digit major code for the major to be added
Secondary Concentration If the secondary program has a concentration, enter the concentration code here
Courses to be Used in the Secondary Major List all courses required for the second major and the hours for each course in the fields provided.
Comments These fields are optional and may be used to provide any additional information to the Degree Audit staff

The signature lines at the bottom of the form are for printed names and signatures of those who may need to approve the request. All signatures may not be essential for approval depending on the policies of the colleges or departments of either major.

However per Texas A&M University Student Rule 14.3.2, A student currently enrolled at Texas A&M University must receive approval for the second major from both departments, programs, or college(s) offering both majors by the time of the official 95-hour degree audit, and must meet the grade point requirements of the academic department of the second major at the time of application. The form stating that the student has been approved to pursue the second major, must be sent immediately to the department, program, or college in which the first major is located.

After approval has been acknowledged by both departments, the form must be sent to the Degree Audit staff for processing