CourseLeaf Catalog (CAT) Account Form

All users must complete a CourseLeaf Catalog (CAT) Account Form in order to gain access to make catalog changes.  If you have new users or changes to existing users, please complete an account form so workflow will move through the proper channels.

For those providing edits and changes for the general information in the catalogs (such as Student Services, Fees, etc.), please complete:

CourseLeaf CAT Account Request Form for General Information

For those contributing to the narratives preceding the academic programs in the catalogs (department/college information), please complete:

Department Heads--CourseLeaf CAT Account Request Form


College Deans--CourseLeaf CAT Account Request Form

You will notice there are two forms designated for academic programs. One, is to be completed at the departmental level.  The other is to be completed at the Dean’s level.

Please note that more than one individual may be assigned to each role.

CourseLeaf CAT Account Forms may take between 1-3 business days to be entered into the system once they have been received.