Registrar Office Information
Hours of operation:
Monday - Friday (8am to 5pm)

Registrar's Office - Location:
750 Agronomy Rd., Suite 1501
College Station, TX
Ph. (979) 845-1031
Fax (979) 845-4757

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Short Section Justification Codes


  1. Required course for graduation. (The course is not offered each semester or term and if canceled, may affect date of graduation of those enrolled.)
  2. Required course for majors in this field and should be completed this semester (or term) to keep proper sequence in courses.
  3. Course in newly established degree program, concentration, or support area.
  4. First time offering of the course.
  5. Class size limited by accreditation or state licensing standards.
  6. Class size limited by availability of laboratory or clinical facilities.
  7. Course voluntarily offered by a faculty member in excess of the institutional teaching load requirement and for which the faculty member receives no additional compensation.
  8. Upper level honors course or first time taught as an honors course.
  9. CAEN-CAEX only - Remedial courses required by state law.
  10. Held under study abroad program or under a recognized collaboration with a domestic institution.
  11. Military Science course taught by active duty military personnel whose salaries are not funded by the state.