Three Peat

Supplementary Fee for Courses Attempted more Than Twice

From the Texas A&M University Undergraduate Catalog:

Certain courses that are attempted by a student more than twice at a public institution of higher education in Texas may not be reported for state funding. As a result, the institution must either pass the non-funded portion to all students, or charge a supplementary fee to the student who is attempting the course more than twice. Texas A&M has chosen to assess a supplementary fee to those students attempting a course more than twice.

A student attempting non-repeatable courses more than twice at Texas A&M University will be subject to a supplementary fee of $125 per semester credit hour ($375 for a 3 hour course) for the repeated course, in addition to tuition and fees associated with the course. The general criteria for determining which courses are subject to the supplementary fee are:

  • A course is subject to the fee if a student has attempted it twice at Texas A&M University and received a grade of A, B, C, D, F, F* (academic dishonesty), S (satisfactory), U (unsatisfactory), I (incomplete), Q or W (authorized drop after the add/drop period), X (no grade submitted), or NG (administrative no grade).
  • Courses identified by the University as repeatable for credit are not subject to the fee. The Three Peat Exclusion attribute is displayed under course attributes in the Schedule of Classes for each course identified as repeatable for credit.
Students will be notified at the time they register for a course that it has been taken twice at TAMU and is subject to the supplementary fee.