Checking for Holds

Registration Holds

Students can check for registration, transcript, or graduation holds on the My Record tab in Howdy.  Most of the departments listed below have the ability to place holds on students' records to prevent them from registering for classes.  Some of the staff working in the departments listed below may have the ability placing a hold which will prevent a student from obtaining an official transcript and/or graduation clearance.  The type of hold placed on a student's record will determine if a student will be able to register for classes, obtain an official transcript, or be granted final clearance for graduation.

Please also refer to the Texas A&M University Academic Departments web page or the main Texas A&M University home page to obtain contact information for any of the departments below.
Dept Code Department Name Contact Information
ADMI Office of Admissions 979-845-1060
BUSH Bush School of Government & Public Service 979-862-8841
CLAG College of Agriculture & Life Sciences 979-845-3712
CLAR College of Architecture
UG ⇒ 979-845-1144
GR ⇒ 979-845-6582
CLBA Mays Business School
UG ⇒ 979-862-3850
GR ⇒ 979-845-3883
CLCP Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy  
CLDN College of Dentistry  
CLED College of Education
UG ⇒ 979-845-5364
GR ⇒ 979-458-3560
CLEN College of Engineering Undergraduate
CLGE College of Geosciences 979-845-3651
CLGR Office of Graduate & Professional Studies 979-845-3631
CLLA College of Liberal Arts
UG ⇒ 979-845-5143
GR ⇒ 979-845-5141
CLMD College of Medicine  
CLNU College of Nursing  
CLPH School of Public Health  
CLSC College of Science
UG ⇒ 979-845-7362
GR ⇒ 979-458-8001
CLSL School of Law  
CLVM College of Veterinary Medicine 979-845-4941
FAID Scholarships & Financial Aid 979-845-3236
GEST Transition Academic Programs 979-845-5916
ISSX International Student Services 979-845-1825
LIBR Library 979-845-3731
PARK Transportation Services 979-862-7275
REGI Office of the Registrar 979-845-1031
SISP Sponsored Student Programs 979-845-2550
STAR Student Business Services 979-847-3337
STHX Student Health Services 979-458-8316
STLC Student Learning Center 979-845-2724
TSAB Student Accounts and Billing 979-847-3337
TSDM Student Debt Management 979-858-1853
Please refer to the Texas A&M University Academic Departments web page to access contact information for each of the departments below.
Dept Code Department Name
ACCT Department of Accounting
ACEN Academic Enhancement - Galveston Campus
AERO Department of Aerospace Engineering
AGEC Department of Agricultural Economics
ALEC Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communications
ANES Department of Anesthesiology
ANSC Department of Animal Science
ANTH Department of Anthropology
ARCH Department of Architecture
ATMO Department of Atmospheric Sciences
BAEN Department of Biological & Agricultural Sciences
BCBP Department of Biochemistry & Biophysics
BIOL Department of Biology
BMEN Department of Biomedical Engineering
BMSC Department of Biomedical Sciences
CHEM Department of Chemistry
CHEN Department of Chemical Engineering
CLEL English Language Institute - Dean
CLGB Bush School of Govt & Public Service - Dean
CLGS Transition Academic Programs - Dean
COMM Department of Communication
COSC Department of Construction Science
CSCE Department of Computer Science & Engineering
CVEN Department of Civil Engineering
DNHG Department of Dental Hygiene
EAHR Department of Educational Administration & Human Resource Development
ECEN Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
ECON Department of Economics
ELIN English Language Institute
ENDO Department of Endodontics
ENGL Department of English
ENTO Department of Entomology
EPSY Department of Educational Psychology
ESSM Department of Ecosystem Science & Managment
ETID Department of Engineering Technology & Industrial Distribution
FINC Department of Finance
GACD Department of General Academics - Galveston Campus
GEOG Department of Geography
GEPL Department of Geology & Geophysics
HISP Department of Hispanic Studies
HIST Department of History
HLKN Department of Health & Kinesiology
HPCH Department of Health Promotion & Community Health Science
HRSC Department of Horticultural Sciences
INFO Department of Information & Operations Management
INTS Department of International Studies
ISEN Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering
LAUP Department of Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning
MARA Department of Maritime Administration (GV)
MARB Department of Marine Biology (GV)
MARE Department of Marine Engineering Technology (GV)
MARS Department of Marine Science (GV)
MATH Department of Mathematics
MEEN Department of Mechanical Engineering
MGMT Department of Management
MKTG Department of Marketing
MLSC Department of Military Science
MSEN Department of Materials Science & Engineering
NFSC Department of Nutrition & Food Science
NUEN Department of Nuclear Engineering
NVSC Department of Naval Science
OCNG Department of Oceanography
ORTH Department of Orthodontics
PEDD Department of Pediatric Dentistry
PETE Department of Petroleum Engineering
PHEM Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics
PHEO Department of Environmental & Occupational Health
PHPM Department of Health Policy & Management
PHST Department of Public Health Studies
PHUM Department of Philosophy & Humanities
PHYS Department of Physics & Astronomy
PLPM Department of Plant Pathology & Microbiology
POLS Department of Political Science
POSC Department of Poultry Science
PRFM Department of Performance Studies
PSAA Department of Public Service & Administration
PSYC Department of Psychology
QATR Texas A&M University at Qatar
REST Department of Restorative Sciences
RPTS Department of Recreation, Park, & Tourism Science
SCSC Department of Soil & Crop Sciences
SOCI Department of Sociology
STAT Department of Statistics
STLC Peer Academic Services
TLAC Department of Teaching, Learning, & Culture
UGPX Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies
VIBS Department of Veterinary Integrative Biosciences
VIZA Department of Visualization Sciences
VLCS Department of Veterinary Large Animal Clinical Science
VTPB Department of Veterinary Pathobiology
VTPP Department of Veterinary Physiology & Pharmacology
WFSC Department of Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences
WMST Department of Women's Studies
The administrative departments below also may place a hold on a student's registration, transcript, or graduation/diploma.  Please refer to the hold description for contact information on any of the following departments in order to resolve the issue and have the hold released.
Dept Code Department Name
ACMP Athletic Compliance Office
ADMG Office of Admissions - Galveston Campus
ADSS Student Services - Galveston Campus
AHCX Aggie Honor System Office
ATHX Athletics - Intercollegiate
COPS University Police - College Station Campus
CSCX Computing Services Center
DARS Data & Research Services
DVFX Office of University Advancement
FISC Financial Management Operations - College Station
FISG Fiscal Office - Galveston Campus
GADM Administration - Galveston Campus
GALX TAMUG Administration
GBKS Bookstore - Galveston Campus
GCOP University Police - Galveston Campus
GLIB Library - Galveston Campus
GVGR Graduation Studies - Galveston Campus
HISX HSC International Student Services
HLSC Health Science Center
HONX University Honors Program
HPRK Parking - HSC
HSAA HSC Academic Affairs
IRSX Recreational Sports - College Station Campus
LOPG License Option Program - Galveston Campus
MCSX Multicultural Services
MLIB Medical Library
MLSX Commandant, Corps of Cadets
PRVX Office of the Provost
PSAX Professional School Advising
QASO Academic Services Office at Qatar
QITS Information Technology Services at Qatar
QLIB Library at Qatar
QOAR Admissions & Records at Qatar
QSTA Student Affairs at Qatar
REGG Registrar's Office - Galveston Campus
REGL Registrar's Office - Law School
RLHX Residence Life
SABX Study Abroad
SACX Student Activities
SSDX Student Disability Services
STLX Student Life
TACO Aggie Card Office - STAR (College Station)
TCSH Cashier's Office - STAR (College Station)
TFMS Student Financial Services - STAR (Galveston)
TSBS Student Business Services Administration - College Station
TSLA Student Loan Administration - STAR (College Station)
VPRG Office of the Vice President for Research
VPSX Vice President for Student Services