Exceptions to Full Time Enrollment Minimums

Students may be certified as full time with fewer than the required hours under the following circumstances:

  1. Participation in an authorized cooperative education (co-op) experience;
  2. Fewer than 12 hours remain for an undergraduate student to complete degree requirements in the final semester before graduation;
  3. Participation in an approved internship that is equivalent to a full time course load;
  4. Enrollment in student teaching course sections;
  5. Presence of a documented disability that mandates a reduced course load; and
  6. Enrollment in required English Language Institute (ELI) hours that, in combination with the student's regular A&M hours, constitute a full time course load.

NOTE: These exceptions may not apply to a student's eligibility for certain types of financial aid. Enrollment reporting for student loan repayment purposes will be reported as actual hours enrolled. Cooperative education students are reported at full time for student loan repayment purposes. Students who have questions about how exceptions to full time enrollment requirements will affect their scholarships, loans, grants, etc., should confer with their financial aid counselor.


In most cases, international students are eligible for the same exceptions to full time requirements; however, all international students requesting an exception to full time requirements must have their request approved by International Student Services. Students who are not U.S. citizens, but who are permanent U.S. residents (VISA TYPE = IM) are not required to clear with ISS on enrollment exceptions.