Withdrawing From the University

Prior to First Class Day of the Term - Dropping All Classes 
Prior to the first day of class according to the Academic Calendar, a student may drop all classes through the normal registration add/drop process.  As of the first day of the term, students may NOT drop all classes through the add/drop process, as an official withdrawal request must be submitted through the Withdrawal channel on the My Record tab within Howdy.  See more details pertaining to official withdrawals below.

Please review the Student Business Services information for Adding, Dropping, & Withdrawing for more details about Tuition & Fee Adjustments & Refund Deadlines when dropping all classes.  Generally, the last day for dropping all classes so that tuition and fees are credited at 100% is if all are dropped prior to the first class day of the term.  Dropping all classes on or after the first day of classes (i.e. withdrawals) will have tuition and fee adjustments in accordance with Texas Education Code 54.006.

On or After First Class Day of the Term - Withdrawing (dropping all classes)
On or after the first day of classes for the term according to the Academic Calendar, a student who plans to drop all in progress courses and courses not yet started in the particular term will be required to submit an official withdrawal from the university.  An official withdrawal is initiated by the student, online in Howdy via Withdrawal channel found in the My Record tab.  The request is routed to the student’s Dean or designee for approval.  A student may not initiate a withdrawal after the Q-drop period ends (see Q-drop periods).  However, the student’s Dean or designee may, in certain circumstances, initiate a request to the registrar to withdraw a student after the deadline.

  • Student-Athletes (including practice players, managers, and trainers) MUST receive approval from Athletic Compliance before withdrawing.
  • After the deadline, deans may permit students to withdraw under non-academic extenuating circumstances.
  • Withdrawals cannot be granted once final exams have begun.

For additional information about withdrawing from the University, see Part I, Section 17 of the Texas A&M University Student Rules.

Students are reminded that withdrawing from the University does not dismiss the repayment of student loans borrowed and may impact payment and grace periods. To learn more about repaying your student loans, please visit http://studentaid.ed.gov/repay-loans and to find your current loan history, see http://nslds.ed.gov. For questions, contact Scholarships & Financial Aid at (979) 845-3236.

Special Note Withdrawal Due to Call-Up to Active Military Duty: Withdrawal due to active military duty is not processed through the online withdrawal system. A special procedure has been established for students who must withdraw from the University because they have been called to active military duty. Click here for information specific to students who withdraw under these circumstances.