Double Major Information

Undergraduate Double Majors

A student pursuing a double major must complete all university and college requirements. If both majors are in the same college, the student must complete all department/curricular requirements for each major. If one major is in one college and the other is in another college, the student must meet all requirements for each major. A list of courses required for completion of the second major must be approved by the advisor for that curriculum. (Texas A&M University Student Rule 14.3.3)

Each major offered at Texas A&M University has its own unique program requirements. To determine the specific program requirements a student will need to complete in order to earn a baccalaureate degree with two majors, please contact the academic departments or colleges which offer the majors.

Some degree programs may limit or not permit pursuit of double majors. Students may not pursue more than two majors concurrently in a single degree program.

Double major requests for undergraduate students are initiated by the advisor or dean in the desired second major.  Any student wishing to add a second major should visit with the academic advisor of the major they would like to add as well as their primary academic advisor.
Academic Advisors will enter the Double Major Request in the University Adjustment System (UAS).  For assistance and training, please contact Degree Audit at or 979-845-1089.