University Adjustment System

The University Adjustment System (UAS) allows advisors to submit adjustments for individual undergraduate and professional students online, and those adjustments are routed through electronic workflow for approval(s) and uploaded to Compass/Howdy. The UAS also allows advisors to track the routing of an adjustment and determine when it is complete. The University Adjustment System is available at

Program Adjustments Information

Whereas each college must retain the flexibility to improve its curriculum, course offerings may be changed during the student's education. If a course required under a previous catalog is no longer offered, a student eligible to graduate according to that catalog should consult with his or her academic advisor or dean to identify another course that may be used to fulfill the requirement. Course substitutions in the degree program are permitted only with the approval of the dean through the department head or program director. Furthermore, the University reserves the right to make any changes in requirements it may consider necessary and desirable by due notice in the catalog (from the Texas A&M University Undergraduate Catalog).

Each degree awarded by Texas A&M University has its own unique program and catalog requirements. Please refer to the specific catalog the student is officially following in Compass to determine which program requirements a student has remaining for degree completion and which courses may be used for adjustments. It is also recommended advisors generate a new degree evaluation in Howdy for reference when processing an adjustment for a student. Please refer to Texas A&M University Student Rule 14 to view University additional general degree requirements at Texas A&M.

Curricular Exception Information

Requests for curricular exceptions may be submitted through the University Adjustment System (UAS). We strongly encourage all advisors to use the UAS for all curricular exception requests, but we will continue to process paper forms through August 31, 2013. Paper forms submitted after that date will be sent back to the initiating party to enter into the UAS.

A curricular exception must be submitted to request the following:

The following fields on the curricular exceptions request in the University Adjustment System (UAS) should be filled out accordingly:
Form Field Field Content
Type of Request Select the type of curricular exception(s) being requested. If "Other" is selected, please explain in more detail within the following field.
Advisor Error Indicate if this exception is being requested due to an advisor error.
Description & Rationale for Request This field may be used to provide additional information and details regarding the requested exception.
Rationale for Denial This field will be used to provide any reasons to the Degree Audit Office when a request has been denied.

After approval by the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies, the request will be routed to the Degree Audit Office for processing. The Degree Audit Office will not process any requests for curriculum exceptions unless they are sent through the UAS and the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies has approved the request.

Other University Adjustment System Information

In order to obtain access to the University Adjustment System, users must have the following:

  1. A Compass/Howdy account with access to view the "Advisor Self-Service" channel on the 'Instructor/Advisor' tab in Howdy. If you do not have access to this channel, you will need to request access to either the G_REGI_CAPP_DEG_ AUDIT_VIEW* group or the G_REGI_9999_HOWDY_ADV_ONLY* group through your PAA.
  2. Signature authority for departmental and/or core substitutions on the Signature Card for your department.

* - If you only need to generate degree evaluations and view student academic information via Howdy and will not need a Compass account, please request the G_REGI_9999_HOWDY_ADV_ONLY group. If you will need to generate degree evaluations in Howdy as well as view additional information and perform certain functions within the Compass student information system, please request the G_REGI_CAPP_DEG_AUDIT_VIEW group. Please note, both of these Compass security groups require the inclusion of a justification statement with each request. The Office of the Registrar WILL NOT approve any request for these security groups without an acceptable justification statement.

For questions or to report problems with the University Adjustment System, please contact the Degree Audit staff at or 979-845-1089.