UIN Retrieval

What is a UIN?

The Universal Identification Number (or UIN) is a nine-digit number issued to all Texas A&M affiliates. The number is maintained by the Texas A&M System Offices. At Texas A&M University, the UIN is considered the student identification number for all students and as the non-Social Security Number identifier for all staff and faculty.

How can I retrieve my UIN?

To obtain your 9-digit Universal Identification Number (or UIN), you may contact the Records section within the Office of the Registrar, and they will be able to assist you. You will need to send them a signed Records Request form or written request (by fax or by sending a scanned copy via email). The written request will need to include your full name, date of birth, a statement requesting your UIN, and instructions on how you wish to receive this information (e.g., email, fax, or regular mail). You can email your signed Records Request form or written request to records@tamu.edu, or fax the Records section at 979-845-1086. For questions please contact the Records Section by phone at 979-845-1003.

I'm a Former Student, why would I need to know my UIN?

The UIN is used at Texas A&M University throughout a student's entire association with the institution, starting with the application process and continuing through former student status. Former students who were enrolled at Texas A&M University during the fall 1985 semester or later may utilize Howdy to access certain services available to former students (e.g., review their academic records, order official transcripts, etc.) by logging on with their NetID and password. A student's NetID and password will expire two years after his or her last term of enrollment.

Former students who have not been enrolled at Texas A&M University within the past two years but need to access Howdy will need to complete the Former Student Questionnaire to start the process of reactivating their NetID. Former students may enter their Social Security Number in the 9-digit identification number field on the questionnaire to obtain their UIN, which will be needed to activate their NetID. However, some former students will not be able to submit a social security number to submit on the questionnaire (e.g., a former international student, etc.) or the system may not accept the Social Security Number provided by the former student. In these instances, the UIN is required to complete the questionnaire.

Additional information regarding account activation for former student access to Howdy may be found at the Help Desk Central website.