Grade Changes

The online grade change system is a paperless*, electronic workflow that allows grade change requests to be submitted, approved, and updated online. The primary course instructor may change a student's final grade by submitting a grade change request online in Howdy. All grade change requests route to the course department head. Grade change requests lowering a grade or submitted more than a year after the term end date will be routed to the course dean for approval. View instructions on submitting a grade change in Howdy.
*Paper Grade Change Report forms will still be required if:   

  • Grade changes for courses completed prior to Fall 2009.
  • Primary Instructor of Record is not available to submit the grade change request online or sign the paper form. Requires a dean’s signature and memo justification.
    • Only the primary instructor of record is eligible to sign a grade change form for their course. Additional graders for courses are NOT able to submit grade change requests, nor sign grade change report forms.
  • Department Head approver is not available to approve the grade change either online or on paper. Requires a dean’s signature and memo justification.
  • No Grade (NG) is requested. These can only be submitted on paper grade change report forms and only require the signature of the student’s Dean.
  • Grade mode changes from S/U to a letter grade must be on a paper grade change form. Also requires an Add/Drop form requesting the grade mode change.
  • Primary Instructor of Record or the required approvers (Department Head and/or Dean) have not completed the necessary steps to gain access to the online grade change system in Howdy. Contact for access assistance.

For additional information relative to the Change of Grade guidelines see Section 10.5 of the Texas A&M University Student Rules.