Parent Access

Grades for Parents/Guardians

In order for parents/guardians to view their student's grades, the student must request this access for them in the Parent/Guardian Access channel on the My Record tab in Howdy. Within the "Financial Aid, Academic Record, and Tax Forms" link, the student must click on "Add or Edit Access" and click on the "Academic" box for parents/guardians to have access to their student's schedule, grades, and enrollment verification information.

The student will receive verification of their request and be given instructions to ask their parent/guardian to check their email for a message providing them with a web site to visit, along with a "token" number to activate their accounts within two weeks of receiving the initial email message. The parent/guardian will then will receive an email telling them to activate his or her NetID. Once this is complete, the parent/guardian should be able to access Howdy within 24 hours.

For more detailed instructions on how a student can sign up a parent/guardian for access to Howdy, please visit the CIS Help Desk Central web page explaining the process step by step.

Please note: Parental/Guardian access to Howdy is only active while the student is enrolled at Texas A&M University. Once a student is no longer enrolled at Texas A&M University, a parent's/guardian's Howdy account will be inactivated. If a student re-enrolls at Texas A&M University, the student may re-activate the parent/guardian Howdy accounts by following the aforementioned steps to authorize the parent/guardian access. Once parental/guardian Howdy access has been inactivated upon their student becoming a former student, parents/guardians may still contact the Registrar's Office if they want to obtain information on their former student providing the parent/guardian is able to demonstrate eligibility to receive this information in compliance with FERPA guidelines.