Classroom Communication Concerns: Procedure

The following procedure for reporting a classroom communication concern is intended to provide a mechanism for improving classroom communication. Communication concerns may include, among other examples: difficulty with the delivery method of the instructor (e.g., unclear instructions or conflicting information), difficulty comprehending the language of the instructor, or difficulty hearing the instructor’s instructions (e.g., substandard acoustics or weak voice projection).

A student desiring to report a classroom communication concern should initiate the following process within the first 12 class days of the semester, whenever possible, in order to identify an alternative course, if necessary. The last date a student may initiate the classroom communication concerns procedure is the same as the Q-drop deadline. The reporting student should follow these steps in the order listed:

  • The student may first discuss the classroom communication concern directly with the faculty member, although this step is not mandatory.
  • The student must discuss the classroom communication concern with the head (or designee) of the department in which the course is taught. The student must complete the Classroom Communication Concerns form, available on the Office of the Registrar’s website (, prior to meeting with the department head or designee.
  • If a satisfactory resolution is not reached with the department head (or designee), the student reports the concerns to the academic dean (or designee) of the college in which the course is taught. The student should provide a copy of the completed form to the academic dean or designee.
  • The academic dean or designee will work with the respective department head or designee, in conjunction with the instructor, to resolve each classroom communication concern. The entire process is to be completed within fifteen business days from the time the concern was registered with the department head.
  • A summary of action taken will be transmitted in a timely manner by the academic dean (or designee) to the student reporting the Classroom Communication Concern.

Click here for the Classroom Communication Concerns Form.

Questions regarding the Classroom Communication Concerns form posted here on the the Office of the Registrar website, should be directed to:
Undergraduate Ombuds
Office of the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies
Texas A&M University
(979) 458-1455