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What are RegiSTARS?
The Office of the Registrar shines through the hard work and dedication of each person working as part of our team. The RegiSTARS program was created to recognize those individuals who go above and beyond to fulfill the needs of our organization, and through their work, demonstrate those principles that are pivotal to our office's success: engagement, service, stewardship, teamwork, and innovation. Team members who successfully demonstrate all five of these principles can be recognized as RegiSTARS.

What are the steps to becoming a RegiSTAR? Just as each of the five points of a star is equally important, so are the five principles that make up a RegiSTAR! For that reason, we wish to recognize each point on the path to RegiSTARdom individually. Each point is obtained through a separate recommendation, using the nomination form below. Anyone may submit a nomination form to recognize a REGI team member with a point of the RegiSTAR. Nomination submissions will be routed to the nominee's supervisor for support, with final approval from the Registrar. When a team member has been recognized with all five points, a RegiSTAR is born!

Team members can only reach for one RegiSTAR at a time, so duplicate point nominations will not progress the path to RegiSTARdom.

What recognitions do RegiSTARS receive? Each point comes with its own token of recognition, to be awarded to the team member at the time the nomination is approved. Recipients will be announced at the soonest office-wide event after the point is awarded. A team member who receives recognition for all five points will be named a RegiSTAR, receive a gift package, and have his or her name displayed on the RegiSTARS wall of fame. New RegiSTARS will be recognized each year at the winter holiday event.

RegiSTARS Nomination Form

Anyone may nominate a Registrar team member to be recognized as part of the RegiSTARS program. Each nomination should include a detailed description of how the team member demonstrated through their work in the Office of the Registrar the principle for which they are being nominated. The five principles, also referred to as "points", are detailed below. Please feel free to use these descriptions as a tool to help articulate the motivation for your nomination. 

Engagement   Motivates and inspires the wellbeing of our staff by taking the lead in events, activities, or occasions that focus on the welfare of employees both in and outside the workplace in a positive way.
Service Anticipating and meeting internal and/or external customer needs in a friendly and courteous manner.
Stewardship      Thoughtful and responsible use and care of university and Office of the Registrar resources.
Teamwork Positive collaboration and coordination with others, providing leadership and/or support as needed.
Innovation Creativity, promoting new ideas, and fostering positive change within the workplace.

Please complete the below form. Once submitted, the nomination will be routed to the nominee's supervisor for support and nominator information to the Registrar for final consideration.


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